Upcoming Enhancements

OCHIN is hard at work to improve your experience in Ella. Below is a summary of common improvement requests we’ve received and our status integrating them into Ella.



Author and Last Updated Date in the Library. OCHIN will be adding author and last updated date to Epic Library articles.

In Development

Universal Search. Ella already has vastly improved search capability within libraries and discussion forums individually. OCHIN is researching universal search to search all of Ella – including libraries, discussion forums, and courses – from a single location. 

Under Review

Image Resolution in the Epic Library. Users have reported some images in the Epic Library are blurry or unreadable. OCHIN is researching adding image magnification capability to the Epic Library. If you encounter an unreadable or broken image in the Epic Library, please let us know using the documentation feedback survey.

Under Review

Discussion Forum “Was This Helpful?” Feature. OCHIN is researching adding functionality to Discussion Forums for users to “like” a post, or mark a post as helpful.

Under Review

Monitor Library Activity. OCHIN is researching adding the functionality for certain types of users at an organization to report on the articles and videos other users are accessing.

Under Review

Last modified: Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 4:17 PM